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The New Mexico MENACE is looking for women over the age of 18 with valid health insurance to be a part of the 2009 MENACE. Women of all shapes, experience and ages are encouraged to come out for the team. You do not need previous football experience, just a good attitude, strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. We are going places that most women have gone before and want to take you with us. If you are interested, click on "want to play" in the bar above. Please be sure to give us the correct contact information. We look forward to hearing from you.




Meet the MENACE...



  Now that the season is over, we had the chance to sit down with Robyn Gaunder. In the 2008 season, Robyn proved to one of the most versatile players on the field. Robyn or "G-Rob" as you would hear the fans chanting, started on both offense and defense. As a matter of fact, "G-Rob" could probably count the number of plays she took off this season on both hands. "G-Rob" is walking proof that big doesn't mean slow. Robyn can always be found at the head of the pack with the receivers and running backs. Let's let "G-Rob" share with you her point of view on the game that we have all come to love... 

“G-Rob", what do you love most about football?

          “I love hitting people and having the ability to lay someone out…all for the love of the game of course!!  It’s a great stress reliever.  I love that you need players of every shape and size and it takes every player to succeed.  The running backs won’t be good without the linemen and so on…  What a great game!.”

What is the biggest challenge you see for women playing football as adults?

            “ I think the biggest challenge for most women is being able to take time away from family and friends in order to make practices and games.  It takes a big commitment.  As far as the physical and mental capabilities there are no limitations..”


 What obstacles have you personally had to overcome in order to play football?

             “There were knee surgeries and shoulder dislocations in the past, but I had to learned that there is a difference between “being hurt” and “being injured.”  You just have to suck it up because it’s not soccer, it’s a contact sport..”   


What are you most excited about in this upcoming season?

            I am excited about playing defense and getting a win.”  


How long do you see yourself playing football?

             “I want to eventually have kids, so I am going to give it until I turn 28 at the latest. I have about 4 more years in me!.”


What do your friends and family think about you playing football?

                 “Everyone worries about injuries, but they know this is what I love to do so they support me 100%.”


Now that you've crossed "play full contact football" off of your "to do list" of life, what's next for you?

                           Although there is A LOT on the list, growing in my career and starting a family is probably next..”  






Who we are....

 This is a group of women who started on a journey 3 years ago to play a game that was forbidden to many of us as girls. Over the course of 3 years we have had 10 plus knee surgeries, bones removed, bones broken, and too many bumps and bruises to count. We all signed up for this because we wanted to learn this game, challenge ourselves, and provide a future home so that no little girl will never hear... "Girls can't play football" again...

We won the battle now it is time to prepare for WAR... We are working hard in the gym and on the field to make New Mexico proud of our women's football team.

Please join our guest book so that we can keep you up to date on MENACE events as well as let you know where this journey is taking us!!!! 



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